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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the driver qualifications?
    All drivers must meet the minimum requirements set by World Race League. Additionally, all drivers must provide a record of race experience. While racing licenses from organizations such as SCCA, BMW CCA, NASA, and IMSA are not required, they are preferred. Non-credentialed drivers will be subject to additional scrutiny. Basically, we want competitive, safe, and experienced drivers.
  • What do your rentals cost?
    We offer a tremendous value by providing a near pro-level arrive and drive experience at a fraction of the cost of a pro-event. The experience is further enhanced by our no expense spared race cars that have demonstrated the ability to finish atop the podium. The costs vary based on the car selected, the venue, the number of drivers, and the duration of the race. A typical weekend with two 8-hour enduros costs from $2000-$5000 per driver. The fees can vary based on the factors mentioned above and any additional options you might add. Please contact us to allow us to develop a specific package to meet your needs and budget.
  • Do you have packages for multiple races?
    Absolutely! We offer discounts for multi-race, half season, and full season commitments.
  • What if I crash, break or hit something, etc.?"
    This is racing, and sometimes bad things happen. Our policy is that a renter covers all damage caused while he or she is operating the car up to the replacement value. We are very fair on both our repair rates and market valuation. The best option is to drive within your abilities and be mindful of what is going on around you. If something does happen, own your mistake, and we will work with you to settle the repairs.
  • I'm a professional driver, can I drive for free?"
    Though we provide a pro-racing experience, we aren’t a pro-team. We aren’t campaigning the cars for prize money or sponsor dollars. This means we don’t give free rides. Even the team principals are required to cover their expenses to race. With that said, we do have opportunities for pro-coaching that can fund your weekend. Additionally, we have options for branding which may allow for sponsor dollars to cover your expenses. We always enjoy working with pros, so we welcome discussions about alternative funding.
  • Why isn't the race I want to attend listed?
    Just because a race isn’t listed, doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in attending. Please contact us for a specific race request.
  • Why don’t you race in other endurance series?
    Our goal is to field cars that are capable of finishing on the podium every race. Unfortunately, classing rules vary from organization to organization which limits our ability to be competitive in multiple series. There are a lot of great series out there, but we chose WRL because of the fantastic racing, solid ruleset, and great selection of tracks.
  • Do you rent for HPDE or sprint races?
    Rentals are available for driving schools, competition schools, and club level sprint races. Please contact us to discuss the event you are interested in attending.
  • Can you build me a race car?
    That’s exactly what we do. Just visit our shop’s website and drop us a note to start the discussion.
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