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Our Drivers


Racing makes heroin addiction look like a vague wish for something salty."

-Peter Egan

Road & Track

Race cars are a tool, and just like all tools, some are better than others.  But the biggest influence on what that tool produces is the craftsman.  That’s what our drivers are, skilled artisans of the ribbons of asphalt we call race tracks.


At CSM, we provide some of the best tools found outside of professional racing; we are just looking for great drivers.  We have programs for the both experienced and the newer racer.  We accept only those drivers that have demonstrated a responsible and competitive attitude.  We screen each of the arrive and drive applicants and check references.  We do this because we don’t want just anyone in the seats, but drivers that will help put the car on the podium every weekend.


If you have a history of contact, loss of control, or generally being an asshat, this isn’t the program for you.  If you are competent on track, respect the equipment you are piloting, want to drive some amazing race cars, and are interested in competing in a great program, please contact us.

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