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We are

racers, fabricators, mechanics, and enthusiasts

Clown Shoe Motorsports was born out of road racing.  The founding partner, BJ Meyer, created Clown Shoe Motorsports because of his passion for racing and cars in general.  Our other partners, Phil Fromme and Andy Pettit are also avid racers.  Phil has been building and racing cars for years.  In fact, Phil and BJ first met as competitors while racing in 944 Spec.   Andy has only been involved in the sport for a few years, but his excitement for racing is only eclipsed by his skill of designing winning cars.

Clown Shoe Motorsports' shop specializes in BMW maintenance, performance, and race preparation.  Our services range from basic services such as oil changes to full race car builds and powertrains.  And while BMWs may be our specialty, we can work our magic on nearly all European autos.


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