1997 BMW M3

GP2 - #32

The Clown Shoe Motorsports GP2 BMW M3 has been built from the ground up to be a consistent podium finisher at WRL.  Each modification was selected to optimize the car for its class, and it was engineered to provide ultimate reliability.

This car was stripped to a bare tub.  From there the tub was reinforced, and the interior dry ice blasted.  The cage was designed to provide excellent driver protection while also adding structural rigidity.  Once the chassis was complete, the car was reassembled using 95% new parts.  There was no stone left unturned in this build.

The recipe has already proven to be a success.  During the car’s first outing, the USEC at COTA in December 2017, the car did well but experienced a few shake-down issues.  We went back to the shop armed with the data from COTA.  We refined the car and came to the Texas Fandango at MSR Houston expecting to be competitive.  The car was more than competitive; it was dominant.  By the end of the weekend, this amazing GP2 car had racked up two class wins, an overall 2nd, and an overall 1st.

The best part is that you can drive this carClick here to learn more about our rental program or continue below to learn more about this fantastic car.


 - Learn the details of what makes this car the best GP2 car competing in WRL

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